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The So-called Dollars and Bashlow Restrikes .. after winning the NGC awards I sold both sets with Stack’s and with Heritage Auctions in 2009 and 2010 .. listed as The Jankovsky Collection. I’m only keeping a six coins set of beautiful 1892 Columbian Exposition Dollars for Mary.

Judge's Comments:

This collection of non-monetary pieces wins top honors in 2006. It is comprised of medals and tokens relating to the World’s Fairs and Major Expositions from 1876 to 1976. Most of the medals included are catalogued in Hibler and Kappan’s seminal work on the so-called dollar series, but interesting related pieces assume the place of HK so-called dollars where they were a better thematic fit. Blank spaces are used to provide a place for introductory text about each of the Expositions represented. For each Fair, at least two items are included. Why two? One for the collector’s son, and one for his daughter. This set includes much of what we look for in a great Signature Set. It is thematically defined, every item is well photographed and described, and, most of all, it shows the active agency of the collector.

Judge's Comments:

The late Robert Bashlow marketed a wide variety of restrikes and historical replicas during the 1960s, and this collection features some of his most popular emissions in truly amazing grades. A rich assortment of coining metals is herein represented, as well as some fascinating designs. Some of the best known Bashlow restrikes are his Confederate Cents and Continental Dollars, and this collection features multiple examples of both.

Only certified, complete set of 1892 COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION LIBERTY HEAD DOLLAR

HK-220 Bronze. 35mm. Eglit 51A, HK-221 Gilt. Eglit 51, HK-222 Aluminum Eglit 51,

HK-222b Aluminum. Low relief, HK-220a Bronze. Low relief, HK-222a White Metal.

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