Nesbitt - Boeding

Great Grandparents Donald Nesbitt and Betty Boeding

Family Photo at Boom Bay, Wisc

Great, Great Grandparents Nesbitt and Maultra

Elton Nesbitt - 1911

Nesbitt farm in Wisc - 1940

Last Photo - Elton Nesbitt

Mary Maultra - abt 1910

Elton and Mary Nesbitt - 1944

Mary holding Thomas Jason - 1977

Great, Great, Great Grandparents Nesbitt and Maultra

John and Mary Jane Nesbitt- abt 1910

Elizabeth Maultra - 1917

Great, Great Grandparents Boeding and Winnike

Gerhard H. Boeding

Photo from about 1900

Photo of Boeding home in Iowa with Betty

Helena Winneke

Wedding Photo

Old German Spelling .. The History of the family from the late 1700's to date can be found at

The family Nesbitt came to the US in the late 1880's. John Nesbitt was born in England but was of Irish ancestry. His wife Mary Jane was born in Ireland.

Elton Nesbitt was born in New York. The family moved and owned a farm near New London, Wisc. The family later moved to Chicago but family of Don Nesbitt had a summer home on Lake Poigan in Wisconsin, near New London, which they retain until 2002.

The family Maultra is of German ancestry. Both Anton and Elizabeth were born in Germany. Anton Maultra came to the US in 1876 and the family Maultra also had a farm in New London area. Mary Maultra and Elton Nesbitt later lived in Chicago.

Franz Xavier Boeding was born on January 12,1796, in Germany. He was married to Anna Maria Lodenkamper some time before 1824. Anna Maria died and Franz remarried. Franz' second wife was named Elizabeth. Franz had at least six children, all of them emigrated to the United States of America. Franz died on September 8, 1878 and was buried in Calvary Cemetery, West Point, Iowa.

The youngest son of Franz, Herman, was born in Hanover, Germany. In 1854-55, he accompanied his family to the United States, settling in the West Point, Iowa area. He married Wilhelmina Schuette, February 10, 1874. Some time later, Herman and his family moved to Glad Valley, South Dakota.

His oldest son, Gerhard, returned to West Point, Iowa some time later and married Helena Winnike on April 22, 1904, living the rest of his life in the area.

The family Winnike is of Germany Origin. Joseph Winnike was born in Germany and married Elizabeth Reves after arriving in America.