Jankovsky Coins

Hello and welcome to what remains of my coin collection

I had collected coins for over 50 years. Started out like many others with Indians and Lincoln Cents in Whitman Albums. Moved on to collecting US Type coins, then Colonials, then European Gold. This European Gold Collection was often displayed in the early 1980s as the "Age of Empires" collection.

Was part-time dealer in the early 1980s and then for a short time after retirement in 2003. Since then have sold most of the collections though Rarcoa and the major action companies Heritage, Stack’s, etc. Also sold a few on eBay as AOE "Authority on Exonumia."

Began collecting $50 Slug Facsimiles about 20 years ago after buying the first few from Mr. Kagin. After retirement moved on to collecting Bashlow restrikes and then So-called Dollars.

Published a Reference Guide to Slugs and Facsimiles in 2008, won NGC awards for "Best Signature" Sets in 2006 and 2008.

Over the last few years I've been able to sell about a 1000 coins .. and set up tax deferred Collage Funds for my 3 Grandsons. The remaining collection is now 20 rare coins .. safely set aside in a Bank vault for Tom and Mary .. and also a few rolls of State Quarters for my Grandsons. But the WEB does give me an opportunity to display these coins for those whom have an interest.

Future Numismatist Jacob Jankovsky

below is Heritage article on how I became a coin collector.

link to US Coin Collection