Highlights 2009-2010

Hello .. I'm Jake .. I'm the highlight for this year ! .

check below for more family highlights and more of me !

Winter in Glen Ellyn .. so it's off to the Bahamas in March with Mary and Dave

Mary at 4.86 Dave at 4.85

May vacation - St. George, Zion NP and Las Vegas .. We liked Zion very much .. we did a lot of hiking.

B. Young house and tour. I may have been the only visitor who had only one wife !

July Michigan trip - Warren Dunes .. Yes they made us climb it just to take their photo.

Aug .. Lake Michigan on Bill and Pat's boat.

We miss our little Boo Boo

We Loved her and she Loved us ! .. 9/25/09

I like carrots ! ..and I like hopping around .. but like being petted the best !

I'm just so cute !!

Oct. on Vacation .. at timeshare in Aruba

Jacob Thomas Jankovsky .. born Dec. 4th

I was so excited to join the family .. I saw the nice party they had for Mom and Dad .. plus Christmas was coming .. so I came as soon as I could

Photos from the party for Mom and Dad .. nice place the Millrose Restaurant in Barrington .. and thanks again for all the gifts !

Home for Christmas and a nice nap !

Highlights 2010

Feb. in Puerto Rico .. Old San Juan, El Yunque Rain Forest, Great Beach, Great Food !

Photos from my Christening .. Jacob Thomas Jankovsky

4th of July family event at Lauren and Tom's

Jacob and Puppy

The Jankovsky Family Get-together at our house.

Mr. Balloon and Mr. Monkey at Grandma’s house and a bear in a Pumpkin patch

Nov ... back to Aruba .. with Mary & Dave

1st Birthday, 1st Christmas and 1st car .. WOW what a year !

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