Highlights 2005-2006

Europe 2005 - gone 13 days in Spring - Where did we go ? - Ireland & England, Barcelona, plus a 7 day cruise - French Riviera & Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, Pompeii and the Isle of Capri .

Beers in Ireland

Beers in Barcelona

Won $130 at the Grande Casino in Monte Carlo

Sunset on the French Riviera

Walk, see things, eat and then see more things ! So much to see .. it is hard to believe !

Mary and the Coliseum

Saint Peters in Rome

Lauren, Pompeii & MT Vesuvius

The Isle of Capri

Norma and Mary in Salzburg at the oldest Restaurant in Europe .. we had the chance to eat there and see a Mozart Opera

Yes.. 2nd trip this year ..this time only Norma. Mary and myself as the guide .. Were gone 11 days - Where did we go this time ? - Driving trip through Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Italy.

Myself waiting for Dinner at Castle Bitov .. they were glad to have us visit .. they gave us a private tour of the family's old castle with an w/ English speaking guide

Mary and Norma .. on vacation .. Mary with the birdies at Saint Mark's Square in Venice, dining in Bohemia and being serenaded in Venice

Married !

 Sept, 2006


Photos of Wedding shower - Seven Bridges Golf Club

The Rehearsal and Dinner

The Chapel at Mays Lake

Married .. Sept. 2nd .. 2006

At the Drake, Oak Brook

Hello from Atlantis - 2006. Also had a Great time in Bermuda !

On Lake Michigan on Bill & Pat Jankovsky's Yacht .. July 06

Tom and Laurenís New Home

Fall in Washington and Williamsburg

Mary and Daveís New Home

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