Highlights 2003-2004

Married !

 April 5th, 2003


Photos of Wedding shower - Mill Race Inn in Geneva

Rehearsal Dinner

The Wedding & Dinner

Graduated Cum Laude .. 3.9 / 4.0 . .. soon a job ??

Retirement ?? Yes was at the end of May !! .. I completed my 4th plus year of a 3 year commitment to McDonald's and the Distribution Companies .. also 30 years of service to the McDonald's system .. so the answer is at age 56 .. I'm gone! .. now - full time family, travel, hobbies ..

Vacation highlights - Orlando, Key West w/ Mary & Aruba w/o

Micigan B & B with Norma .. Mary and Tomís new cars .. Homecoming game

Highlights 2004

Fun with the family ! New Years, back yard, 4th at Arlington, Homecoming, etc.

Highlights Family Cruise and Key West with Mary and Dave

Michigan and Mac Island trip. for Tom and Norma

This is a photo of Boo Boo as a little bunny .. this is when she was first acquired by her best friend Mary .. It was when Mom and Dad were on vacation

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