1300 to Date

Church of Saint John at Jankov

 Hrad Chřenovice 1289 to 1318

Fortress Nemycevsi

Jan Ocko z Vlasime at St. Vitus in Prague

Holy Roman Emperor de Luxembourg

King of Bohemia, Jiri z Kunstatu

Ladislav z Boskovic

Anna Marie married Prince Karl I von Liechtenstein

Jindrich w/COA's 1477

 Fortress near Plavec

 Chateau at Slatina

 Chateau at Skalice

Seal Jirik and Jindrich Jankovsky

Seal Baron Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Karl X Gustav, King of Sweden

Coat of Arms at Resice

Castle Bitov

Chateau Zdislavice

Baron von Raule

Estate at Pravonin

The Havel was the ship John used on his return trip to the U.S. in 1891.

 John Jankovsky - born 1845

House of Vlastislavic

History books describe the family as "an ancient noble family" from the Princely House of Vlastislavicu which ruled the area southeast of Prague. The family had a fortress at Velky Blanik, built churches at Liboun Pod Blanikem in 1149 and at Jankov and Pravonin in the early 1200's


Markvart z Vlašime

Born about 1260, died 1320. The family had the Coat of Arms of the Black Eagle, owned Jankov, the small villages on the river Jankovsky Potok and in 1303 Vlasim. Markvart's brother was Leva z Jankova of castle Chřenovice and brother or cousin was Jan of Kamenice who was the father of Cardinal Jan Očko z Vlašime.


Hynek z Vlašime

Born about 1280, died 1349. Listed as Lord of Vlasim. Family had a fortress at Jankov and Hynek built a fortified Chateau at Vlasim in 1318. Hynek's sons were Hynek II and Benes. Hynek's brothers Jaros and Marsik were Knighted on the Battlefield in 1325. Hron von Vlasim, son of Marsik, was escort to King John of Bohemia and died with the King at the famous Battle of Crecy in France in 1346 fighting against The Black Prince, Edward of England.


Benes z Vlasimi na Jankova

Born about 1305, died 1363. Lord of Jankov in 1359.  After death of Hynek II Benes was ruled Castle Vlasim and had registered Coat of Arms, Lord of Vlasim, in 1363. Benes' sons were Hynek, Benes II, Cec and Zdislav. In 1376 Cec acquired Fortress Nemycevsi in northern Bohemia and new title z Nemycevsi. Vaclav Cec z Nemycevsi was Burgraf of Prague Castle in 1488 and Marshall to the King in 1503. Benes II Jankovskych sold the village of Jankovska Lhota in 1385 and also moved to northern Bohemia and his son Jan started family line z Turi.  Both family lines ended by the year 1513.


Hynek z Vlasimi na Jankova

Born about 1325, died 1365. Hynek transferred Castle Vlasim to the family of Michalek z Vlasime, brother of Jan Ocko, in 1363. Listed as Lord Jankova na Cevekvici. Owner of fortress at Jankov and also the owner of fortress at Horni Cerekev in southern Bohemia in 1360. Hynek's wife was Libuse and they had 4 sons - Matej, Petr, Linhart, Hynek and a daughter Katerina who married Jaroslav ze Sternberka. Decedents included some members of Royal Families of Austria and Germany of the 1800's


Matej Jankovsti z Vlasimi

Born about 1345, died after 1397 in Bohemia. Listed as Rytri z Jankova ( Knight of Jankov ), Owner of Jankov and Fortress Horni Cerekev. Other relatives of the family had great power in the affairs of Bohemia at this time. They had residences in Prague, Kasperk and Helfenburk. Jan Ocko z Vlasime became Cardinal. Pavel z Vlasime was given the castle and new title z Jenstejna in 1368. His son Jan z Jenstejna became Arch Bishop.


Jan Jankovsky z Vlasimi na Usova

Born about 1370 in Bohemia, died 1420 at Usov in Moravia. Baron of Usov. Jan moved to Moravia in 1390 and was given Castle Usov in 1416 by Bohemian King. Jan's wife was Marketa de Luxembourg, a member of the Royal family, and they had 4 sons - Arnost, Jan II, Karl, Vaclav and a daughter Johanka who married Vanek z Boskovic. The family line from this marriage includes the H.R.H. Prince of Wales.


Jan II Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born about 1400 in Moravia, died 1447 in Moravia. Jan sold the villages at Jankov 1418 and the Fortress in 1433. Jan married into the family z Kunstatu and the family moved to southern Moravia in 1435. Jan's brother Karl assumed title of Castle Usov. The family at Usov was given the Royal Town of Litovel in 1440 and new title "z Vlasime na Usovsky". Karl Jr. rebuilt the Castle in 1487. Karl II and his brother Jiri z Usovsky who was Vice Chamberlain of Moravian Margrave only had daughters and the estates were transferred to Ladislav z Boskovic. Granddaughters married into the family Liechtenstein.


Mikulas Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born about 1425, died 1476 at Slatina in Moravia. In 1435 the family was given the rights to rule in southern Moravia. Mikulas was given Royal Seal in 1440, was joint ruler at Castle Jevisovice with relatives the family z Kunstatu, owned Castle Otradice and then the fortress at Slatina in 1466. Mikulas married Katerina z Otradic in 1446 and they had two other sons Mikulas II and Vaclav both of whom died by 1495.


Jindrich Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born about 1450, died 1520 at Resice in Moravia. Baron of Vlasim on September 14th 1511, owner of Slatina in 1484, acquired Resice in 1496, Slavetice in 1503 and Plavec in 1512. Jindrich's wife was Mandalena z Riean and they had 4 sons who were given right to rule by King Ludvik on August 2nd 1522. The ancient family lines of z Jenstejna, z Nemycevsi, z Turi and z Vlasimi na Usovsky had all ended by 1522.


Hynek Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born about 1485, died 1546 at Slatina in Moravia. Owner of the fortress at Slatina. Hynek's wife was Dorota von Hundsdorfu na Mstinic and they had 8 sons and a daughter most of whom died in the 1540's. The Jankovsky's actively supported the Catholic Royalty in the wars of the 1400's, 1500's and the Thirty Year War of the 1600's which destroyed the village of Jankov.


Albrecht z Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born about 1520, died after 1571 in Moravia. Owner of Skalice and Slatina. Albrecht's wife was Maruse of Ivancice and they had two sons and two daughters. Albrecht's brother was Fredrich who owned the Castle at Plavec. These families became the only two family lines still existing after the year 1615.


Jirik Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born about 1555 at Resice, died after 1615 in Moravia. Owner of Chateau at Resice, In 1615 Jirik was made Baron of Vlasim along with his brother Adam of Skalice. Jirik's wife was Katerina Bulova z Boritova and sons were Jindrich and Vilem. The family line of Vilem ended in 1707 but granddaughter Worssila Jankovska married Matieg Stefle in 1717 who then changed his name to "Jankovsky". Descendants from this marriage settled in Colorado. Jirik's daughter Justine married her 2nd cousin Fridrich Jankovsky z Vlasimi of Bitov. Fridrich along with his brother Wolf Zikmund of Slatina also became Barons. Fridrich's son Hynek became Imperial Counselor in Vienna and the family was given the Royal Town of Jemnice in Moravia in 1628. The Bitov family line ended with the death of Count Maxmilian Arnost II Jankovsky von Vlasching who only had daughters


Jindrich Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born about 1590 at Resice, died 1645 in Moravia. Baron of Vlasim, owner of Chateau at Resice. Jindrich's wife was Ludmila Bechynové z Lazan and she had two daughters and son Karl. After Jindrich's death Karl spend a number of years at the Royal Court of Carl X Gustav of Sweden. In 1653 after the death of Hynek of Castle Bitov, Jindrich's brother Vilem and Ludmila tried to inherit the Bitov estates.


Karl Wenzel Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born 1644 in Moravia, died Oct 15th 1684 in Znojmo, Moravia. Karl was granted the Coat of Arms and the hereditary titles Lord Jankovsti, Baron z Vlasime by Tribunal in 1656. Owner of Chateau at Resice. Karl married Maria Františkou von Schaumburku in 1661 and they had two sons Ferdinand Leopold and Karl Maxmilian. Baron Ferdinand Leopold died 1729 at Chateau at Jemnice and had no family.


Karl Maxmilian Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born 1667 at Chateau Resice, died 1727 in Moravia. Baron of Vlasim, owner of Chateau Zdislavice in Moravia. Karl's wife was Anna Regina and they had two sons Frantisek Antonin and Jan Antonin.


Jan Antonin Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born 1692 in Moravia, died 1740 at Chateau Zdislavice in Moravia. Baron of Vlasim, owner of Chateau Zdislavice in Moravia. Jan's wife was Barbara Josepha Minovsti z Lazniku and they had one son and 5 daughters. Jan Antonin's brother Frantisk Antonin "initiated a King's Tribunal " and was awarded the Bitov Estates for the family in 1752. Baron Frantisk Antonin however died three months after the tribunal and only had daughters.


Jan Wenzel Jankovsky z Vlasimi

Born 1729 at Chateau Zdislavice, died 1775 in Moravia. The family had residence at the Bishops' Court at Vysoke. The family was awarded the Bitov estates but in 1755 after an inheritance battle Marie Theresa, Empress of Austria, formally transferred the Bitov Estates to powerful Austrian relatives, the family von Daun. Jan is recorded as a military officer, Carabinier von gn. at the time of the Seven Year War in Prussia in 1757. Jan married a German-Prussian noble from the family von Mayenn. After Jan's death his wife and sons moved back to Bohemia from Slatina in Moravia.


Jan Matous Jankovsky

Born 1760 in Moravia, died after 1798 in Bohemia, Pravonin. Owner of family Estate near Pravonin and listed in 1789 as Soupis Královských Svobodníků (Freeholder accountable only to the King). Jan married a daughter from family Janku of Chmelné in 1785.  Family of brother Karl Jankovsky von Mayenhorst married into prominent families. Karl's granddaughter Anna Jankovsky von Mayenhorst married Czech Baron Wilhelm Jr. von Kralik. This family line ended in 1860 with death of Franz Jankovsky von Mayenhorst.


Jan Jankovsky

Born before 1790, died after 1825 in Bohemia, Pravonin. Owner of the family Estate at Pravonin and listed with German title of Zeman ( lowest ranking nobility ). Jan's wife was Anna Janku and they had two sons Jan Antonin and Joseph. Jan's younger sister Barbara married Austrian Baron Franz von Raule in 1829. The family Janku adopted the name "Jankovsky" after marriages into the family. Most "Jankovsky's" in the Czech Republic are related to this family.


Jan Antonin Jankovsky

Born 1820 in Bohemia, Pravonin, died 1916 at the family Estate at Nakvašovice and was the last of the family in Bohemia. Jan Anton's wife was Anna of Pravonín and they had two sons John and Anton who came to the U.S. but Jan stayed with his brother. The family line of brother and his son Joseph ended by the year 1900.


John Jankovsky

Born Jan 15th, 1845 in Bohemia, Pravonin, died Feb 17th, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois. John married Marie of Nakvašovice, came to the U.S in 1887, then went back to Bohemia and sold his share of land in 1889, returned to U.S in 1891 and became U.S. Citizen in 1893. Marie and family were delayed and came to the U.S. in 1893. John's younger brother Anton came to U.S. after the Civil War and started the family's Wood Working Business. Anton died in 1899 and only had a daughter.

See History U.S.A. for family history, charts and old photos.

Fortress at Blanik from history of 1158

Church of Saint John at Pravonin

Hrad Vlasim 1318 to 1363

Jaros and Marsik, Battles of 1325 and 1332

Jan z Jenstejna at St. Peters in Rome

Castle Usov in northern Moravia

Squire at Usov 1487

Old COA's of the family Liechtenstein 

Katerina married Prince Maximilian von Liechtenstein

 Fortress at Slatina

Recognition of family's nobility and the King's authorization to rule of 1522. The Seals of the brothers Jankovsky .. Jan of Slavetice, Petr of Plavec, Mikulas of Biskupice and Hynek of Slatina.

COA's on Chateau at Slatina

On Oct. 24th in the year 1615 the family was ennobled. Hereditary titles, granted to the senior members of the family, were confirmed by Mathias, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, on Jan.14th 1616.

Family Chart 1644 - 1775

Seal and Signature -1677

Chateau at Resice

Chateau at Jemnice

Jankovsky-Janku Estate near Pravonin

Anna Jankovsky von Mayenhorst

Estate at Nakvašovice was converted into a collective farm

The family's trip was delayed because of deaths in 1891. The Muchen was the ship Marie and family used in 1893.

U.S. Citizen March 1893

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